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An Opera Timeline

Handel / Mozart / Beethoven / Wagner / Verdi / Puccini / Britten

22 March 2014

Holy Trinity Church, Millhouses, Sheffield

Sung in English

Join us for our first concert of 2014 and a look back to the birth of opera. This wonderful concert will take you on a journey to 17th century Italy to hear the beautiful music written at opera's inception. Then travel through time exploring how this wonderful art form developed throughout the generations, culminating with music written in the last 10 years. The evening will feature well known pieces you already love and introduce you to your soon-to-be favourites.

Location: Holy Trinity Church

The church of Holy Trinity Millhouses, stone-built in the ‘Arts & Crafts’ style, dates from 1937.  The interior is light and airy and has a simple dignity: it gives a feeling of space, which lends itself to visual art and music. The fine acoustics of the building make it an ideal, and increasingly popular, location for a wide range of musical performances. 

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